During the late 30‘s on up to the 70’s, filming home movies on 8mm film and 16mm film was the available formats for personal home movies. Once filming a reel was completed, the film was taken to be processed and developed, much like photos at a photo lab. This process was similar to making negatives but on long continuous strips. The images were permanently “burned” into the film. Once processed, the reels were ready to be viewed on a film projector.

Then technology changed to a completely different format – VHS.  VHS became popular in the average household around the mid 80’s. This also required a VCR to play the home movies. In order to be affordable to consumers, a magnetic medium was used for the tape, which basically “develops” it own images directly onto the tape! No more need to have the reels developed at a video lab! However, there remained the disadvantage of a viable long-term solution for keeping precious memories stored.

Currently, the popular and affordable medium is DVD which is completely digital. Once transfer is made from 8mm and VHS to DVD, you can be rest assured that all your valuable memories are preserved for many generations!


Due to the magnetic medium for VHS, this magnetic field will weaken over time whether the video is played or simply sits on a shelf.  Unfortunately, videos fade and deteriorate even under ideal  storage conditions. Videotapes will begin to deteriorate in a relatively short period of time (typically after five years). After 10-15 years of storage, the quality of video decreases dramatically.


Have your videos converted to DVD before your recorded memories are gone forever. DVD’s, unlike videos, will last for generations without deterioration of quality.

FILM TRANSFER TO DVD: We offer a digital “frame-by-frame” method of transferring 8mm film to DVD. With our in-house process, we first clean and condition the film prior to digitally scanning each individual frame, then integrate the film into a final product by a transfer process gives the best quality. We can also enhance original poor quality film.


In addition to the DVD, the digital video files on the disc will be invaluable  The deterioration is stopped once the video transfer to DVD occurs. 

We also transfer photos and slides to video on DVD. The video files we place on your DVD are not encrypted so you can transfer them to any future formats.

DVD’s are easy and affordable to share. All family members will be happy to receive your latest home video on DVD.

We take every precaution to ensure the safety of your precious and irreplaceable home movies. We process on site, by first hand cleaning your film, DIGITALLY capturing each frame of 8mm and super 8mm film. Most film transfer companies simply project your movie on a wall and then record it. This method produces poor quality. We capture --using the latest technology – frame by frame into a highly, sophisticated system. We can even enhance your video by color correcting and adding background music and/or voice over narration. We employ film and video professionals to transfer and handle your movies. See pricing on our website. We are very competitive and affordable! Remember…you will only need to do this process of transfer once; why not use the best processing available?


“Growing Up,” Birthdays, Baptisms, School Plays, Sports, Family Vacations, Family Reunions, Favorite Pets, Graduations, Awards, Wedding, Bridal/Baby Showers, Child Births, Anniversaries, Holidays. . .You have invested time and love into making your videos...now make them last.


“Dear Chris: My family and I are thrilled with the transfer of 4000 ft of my Dad’s old 8mm film to DVD. My sister and I have laughed and secretly cried as we showed our own children moving pictures of ourselves as children. Seeing our parents again in their youth, even in 1946 full color, is such a thrill. To see our grandparents and even great grandparents LAUGHING and SMILING as they were 60 years ago is a wonderful sight. We cannot say THANK YOU enough for a professional product, ease of working with you, and your courteous service. Without a doubt, we’d do business with you again and recommend you to all our friends.”


DAVID GINN, Loganville GA

“What a wonderful feeling to now have all of our 8mm movies transferred to disk. Chris and his entire crew put in many extra hours to get everything just the way we wanted it. Now we have all of those years of memories with our children to share and laugh with them. What a joy to watch our grandchildren laugh at their mom and dad seeing them when they were their age. Without a doubt this was one of the best things I have ever done for our family.”

  1. -Rick & Jane, Oxford, GA

“For so long I kept my old 8mm film reels in a box thinking one day I would get them transferred to DVD but not really know HOW I would do it. Last year I drove by Chris’ building and there it was: “Film Transfer” written under his business name, “Current Events Productions”. The next day I dug out the reels and within a week I was home watching a crisp DVD transfer of my childhood memories. I actually brought tears to my eyes! Chris and his crew were so easy to work with and they gave me a lot of options. I highly recommend utilizing their services.”

- Brian Healy, O.D. Covington GA

“My experience with Current Events Productions was really nice. The time that the work was completed on both occasions was very quick (within a work day). Which was great for me since I was needing the job done fast. The pricing is very reasonable and I look forward to doing business with them again!”

- Dana Burton, Mansfield GA

“Current Events did a wonderful job on transferring my movie film to a DVD. I was afraid they would not be able to salvage any of the movies I had taken them because they had been damaged by fire, smoke and water when our home burned. After meeting with Chris I felt they were going to do everything in their power to give me a DVD showing my children growing up, holiday celebrations, vacations and etc. The people at Current Events were very sincere and knew how important these films were to me. I really liked the fact I could sit down with an individual and hear how they would try and save the wonderful memories on these film. I did not have to be afraid of my film getting lost in the mail. I would certainly recommend Current Events to anyone wanting to convert their movie film or videos to a DVD. Our DVD has been such a blessing to us and I am very thankful to Current Events being here.”

- Sue Malcom (Social Circle, GA)

“Current Events was very helpful with my project. They were able to produce a DVD from my VHS in a short period of time and were very helpful with the corporate billing needs I had. Thank you.”

- Tammy C., Oxford College, Oxford GA

“We were extremely happy to see our old collection of slides scroll across our TV screen after Current Events cleaned them up and scanned them onto a CD we could play on our DVD player. THey did an excellent job of color correcting and dealing with very old (30+ years) 35mm slides. Kudos to their crew.”

- Terry Clark, Oxford GA

“My husband was turning 41 and I could not think of a thing to give the man who has everything. I saw an advertisement for Current Events Productions Film Transfer and it all clicked. I had my husband’s childhood 8mm films converted to DVD. He loved it! He thought the video was well done and the best gift ever!”

Marteeta Spradling, Covington, GA


Regular 8mm & Super 8mm Film:

to DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .28¢ per foot

A typical 3-inch reel is 50ft.  ($14)

Additional DVD Copies . . . . $12 each

Digital Archive on customer drive . . $12

Minimum order $25

16mm film conversion is currently outsourced


VHS / VHS-C /  Hi-8 / 8mm / MiniDV

$17.00 ea. playing hour for first 10 hours

$12.00 ea. playing hour for hours 10 & Above

* minimum order $25


Photo Prints to CD/DVD . . . . . . . . .  .35¢ each

Photo Slides to CD/DVD . . . . . . . . .  .50¢ ea.

Please note:

We respect and cooperate with all local

and international copyright laws,

therefore, all music is Royalty Free.

Additional DVD Copies . . . . . . $12 or less each

Additional CD Copies . . . . . . .  $7 or less each

  1. *DVD-R compatible player required

   for playback

Pricing of Film - Video - Photo Transfer Services

35mm Slides

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